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smarter + faster with a team who has your back.

Does entrepreneurship light you up?

smarter + faster with a
team who has your back.

Thanks to technology, the modern entrepreneur has so many amazing options and opportunities—but navigating that all alone can be overwhelming. It’s not always easy knowing the best move to make to set yourself up for success. 

With the endless resources and guides available online, it’s incredibly easy to get lost and it becomes hard to decipher what advice makes sense for you. But when you have the spirit of an entrepreneur, there is a power of growth and discovery that propels you—and means that giving up isn’t an option.


You don't know who to ask...

You're not sure where to start...

You don't have the money...

We get it! There are SO many choices to make when starting a business, and it can be scary when you don’t know where to focus your money.

From family to online coaches, there are so many voices that can get into an entrepreneur’s head. When you’re starting from nothing, different opinions and conflicting ideas from people you trust can be confusing.

Being a business owner means making decisions every day. But without a network to turn to or someone to ask advice, it means you’re navigating it all solo—which can make it hard to make any real changes or progress. 

We know what you’re facing because we’ve been there, too.

Hey there, we’re Melissa and Lena. We’re so happy you're here! 

We created Team | Lumynary to be everything that we wish we had when first starting out. It’s the team that we KNEW we needed but were afraid to invest in. It’s the support we KNEW we wanted but didn’t know where to find it.

Team | Lumynary is about supporting your business by showing you your well-lit path. What does that mean? We know the hustle and the hurdles of building up the business of your dreams from the ground up and going it alone. We’ve looked for community support and guidance in other groups and networking circles and have tried to figure “it” all out on our own. 

When we met each other, we knew we’d found the first two people to build our community because our big dreams deserved more. We knew if we both shared this vision, we couldn’t be the only ones.

So we started building a rockstar team. Everyone on Team | Lumynary shares a common goal. We want to help like-minded entrepreneurs who are done with the struggle-hustle mentality. We recognize the importance of entrepreneurship in our culture, economy, and honoring ourselves. Our dreams and passions all deserve to be discovered. We thrive on trust, teamwork, being of service to our customers and clients, and total honesty (because sometimes what we all need is a good dose of tough love).

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’ve been in it to win it for a while but want more, we have a spot for you. 

MEET melissa + lena

We want YOU on our team if

✓ You’re a photographer who has just started out and want to focus on weddings. Capturing that perfect moment in time for someone is your dream but you don’t even know where to begin in crafting the perfect contract so you and your client are both covered. We’ve got you! Our Legal Pro is ready and waiting to support you in covering your bases.

✓ You offer direct sales of products you love to use and know can make a difference for more people and you’re ready to build up a loving audience and get into action making money for your dreams but you don’t know how to stand out amongst the crowd! We’ve got you, our Branding Pro has your back for all things sticking out in a good way.

✓ Or, you’re a restaurant owner and are looking to brave the online world for the first time in 30 years and tech-fear is real. We’ve got you from building a landing page to marketing to your people!

No matter the dream. We've got you.

Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it.

- Marva Collins


an online community where entrepreneurs in all stages of their business can define, build, grow and expand their businesses side-by-side with the confidence of having a team at their back.

what's included


Gain first hand knowledge... Access our pro team with your questions Monday through Friday.

Black Book of Experts

Build your team with verified experts... Each of our experts are respected in their industries and by their peers and are ready to assist.

Pathfinder Quiz

Stop wasting time… Our program provides a roadmap that saves time and energy searching for answers.

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Cultivate a community... A community platform offers new skills, new connections, and learning from others’ triumphs and mistakes.

On-Demand Materials

Transform your knowledge base… We provide condensed, certified content ready to serve your business.


On-going Support

Relax a bit... Happy and willing dedicated support from our staff willing to guide you on your path.

Discounted Courses

Take on challenges... Access to exclusive courses as well as discounted courses from our team of experts to give you a deep dive into select topics.

Mobile Friendly

Jumpstart your learning… Choose your strongest learning method and embrace it. Each person prefers different learning styles and techniques.

Integrate continued education into your daily life... Perfect for learning anywhere on the go.

Our 30-day challenges are aimed to get you moving with a solid commitment to just gaining momentum. These challenges were developed to fit specifically where you are on your path and how to move past the obstacles that have kept you where you are.

Bonus 1: Personalized
30-Day Challenge

Bonus 2: Member Box

And, for a limited time, inaugural 2020 Lumynary members will also receive a member box straight to your door, valued at over $100, as our gift to you!


frequently asked questions

How much time will I need to dedicate to Team | Lumynary?
Like most good things, your path to success may take time-- you will get as much out of our program as you put into it.

How fast can I expect to see results?
Results vary based on how much time you have to put in and your readiness and willingness to look at things differently and show up and do the work. This program is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's about creating long term success.

I’ve already paid for other programs in the past that have only had me going in circles. Will this work for me?
We all learn differently but there needs to be a system in place for anyone to experience true growth in business. We believe that our program can help anyone at any point in their journey if you work from the foundation up. 

Is everything available immediately?
Yes, you will be able to access all of our current content immediately once you become a member. However, we do recommend that you start your journey focusing on the areas our Pathfinder quiz recommends.

Will you be releasing more content in the future?
Yes! Content will be continually released for members as we grow and as industries continue to evolve. Just like your business, Lumynary continues to grow with you.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
Our expert team will be available to answer your questions Monday through Friday but there is also a dedicated support team available to members who feel like they need a little extra guidance at any given time.

Who is on your expert team?
Our team consists of pros in their fields who have applied to our program and have been vetted and tested for a high degree of service that we know will serve our members well.

I don’t have my business launched yet. Do I need this?
You bet. This is actually the perfect time for you to get on board. Team | Lumynary is designed for anyone with a dream and the motivation to succeed.

What if I’m not in North America? 
Though our team is based in North America, we welcome anyone from anywhere in the world. You may not get an answer immediately, but you will always get an answer.

What if the program is not what I expect?
There is a 90-day commitment for joining Team | Lumynary as we truly only want high-achievers and hard workers in our membership and no refunds will be given under any circumstance. By joining, you are agreeing to take on our guidance and take what you can from the program to get to the next level of your business. That being said, we’re on your team and are here to help. After your initial 90 days, you are welcome to stay as long as you’d like. You will be billed automatically until you officially cancel your membership. You will have access to all content WHILE you are a member. Should you decide not to continue after your 90-day commitment, or at any point thereafter, you will lose access to any programs you did not directly purchase. We require a minimum of 7 days notice for cancellation.

Here’s the truth: there’s not much you can’t learn out there on the internet these days.

But why do the digging when you have a team of experts at your back?

We’ll support you personalized, step-by-step advice across disciplines!

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Pathfinder™ Quiz (Valued at $97)
Black Book of Experts (Valued at over $10k/mo)
​Coaching (Valued at $2997/mo)
​On-demand Educational Materials (Valued at $597/mo)
Interactive Trainings (Valued at $297/mo)
Online ​Community (Valued at $97/mo)
Exclusive + Discounted Courses (Up to 30% off)
Dedicated Support Team (Priceless)
​BONUS: Member Box  (Valued at $127)


with a 3-month commitment.

Pathfinder™ Quiz
(Valued at $97)

Black Book of Experts
(Valued at over $10k/mo)

(Valued at $2997/mo)

​On-demand Educational Materials (Valued at $597/mo)

Interactive Trainings
(Valued at $297/mo)

Online ​Community
(Valued at $97/mo)

Exclusive + Discounted Courses
(Up to 30% off)

Dedicated Support Team

​BONUS: Member Box
(Valued at $127)

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